10 healthy snack ideas for your leisure

In this decade everyone is striving for a slimmer, fitter body. Diets have almost become a part of our lifestyles but one truth is that dieting seems easy only till you look at a bag of you favorite chips. For following a healthy diet, you also need a healthy snack plan. Now “healthy” and “snacks”… Read More »

How to Lose Weight in 7 Days

Something big coming up? Do you want to lose weight in 7 days? Well, losing weight is tricky. It usually takes a long time to achieve that perfect figure you’ve always desired, but if you still want to shed those few extra pounds or lose a few inches to get back in that pair of old pants.… Read More »

Tips to reduce belly fat Fast for women

The good news is that everyone has belly fat, but the bad news is that too much of it can become a cause for major life-threatening diseases such as high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, heart diseases, and many others. Belly fat is often cited as one of the top reasons for major health issues… Read More »

What to eat for Paleo lunch

A Paleo diet involves stripping one’s diet of refined sugars, grains, legumes, and even dairy. An ideal Paleo meal consists of vegetables, animal protein, fruits or nuts, and healthy fat. In the age of carbohydrates and meat-products, preparing a Paleo dinner could be easy, but fixing a Paleo lunch is not an easy task. For… Read More »

What should a munchies menu have?

Munchies are inevitable. You may not really be able to keep away from running into them; however you can easily avoid the mistake of remaining ill prepared. With a little imagination, boldness and ingenuity, you can whip up amazing eats using combinations which you may not have thought would work at first, but prove to… Read More »

13 healthy late night foods

While the myth of late night eating being bad for your health and diet has been disapproved, it doesn’t mean all snacks are made equal. Nutritionists claim that when you tend to overeat before going to bed, your body stores the calories more likely as fat, which means that you need to snack right. You… Read More »

What should you have at your paleo dinner

A Paleo diet is based on the diet of our ancestors. It focuses on including animal protein, fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, herbs, healthy fats and oils. It stresses on eliminating processed foods, grains and legumes, artificial sweeteners, and trans fat. A balanced Paleo dinner consists of a balanced amount of all Paleo food. The ingredients… Read More »

Top 10 exercises to lose weight fast

There could be many reasons for losing weight. It’s either getting into that perfect dress or attending a wedding. We all have come across times when we needed to lose weight and we needed to lose it fast. For weight loss, it is advisable to follow a proper diet, exercise regularly, sleep right, and avoid… Read More »

Top five healthy diet plans to stay fit in 2016

For most of us, a ‘diet’ plan is one of the top most things to be achieved in the New Year’s resolution list. We start with a ‘get-set-go’ attitude to chase our dreams of getting fitter and slimmer as soon as we see the dream, but unfortunately the dream becomes more and more distant as… Read More »

Why you should follow Paleo Diet without any fear

Recent reports say paleo diet is bullshit or paleo has been preaching the wrong idea. If you can take a look right now then you would find many popular websites and news agencies saying that people following paleo diet have been doing it all wrong. With recent studies proving that our ancestors did consume carbs… Read More »