Top 10 exercises to lose weight fast

There could be many reasons for losing weight. It’s either getting into that perfect dress or attending a wedding. We all have come across times when we needed to lose weight and we needed to lose it fast. For weight loss, it is advisable to follow a proper diet, exercise regularly, sleep right, and avoid… Read More »

Top five healthy diet plans to stay fit in 2016

For most of us, a ‘diet’ plan is one of the top most things to be achieved in the New Year’s resolution list. We start with a ‘get-set-go’ attitude to chase our dreams of getting fitter and slimmer as soon as we see the dream, but unfortunately the dream becomes more and more distant as… Read More »

Why you should follow Paleo Diet without any fear

Recent reports say paleo diet is bullshit or paleo has been preaching the wrong idea. If you can take a look right now then you would find many popular websites and news agencies saying that people following paleo diet have been doing it all wrong. With recent studies proving that our ancestors did consume carbs… Read More »

The Paleo Recipe Book — Review

I was randomly surfing websites that sell books at that time, but I wasn’t about to buy something food- related. Just then, I stumbled upon the Paleo Recipe Book. I have heard of Paleo diet before, but I didn’t get to have a more solid grasp of its significance before I have thoroughly scanned this… Read More »

The most effective 7 days Paleo diet plan

Diet Plan People are lot more sensitive nowadays regarding the regular food they consume. A healthy diet will always help in keeping the life healthy and fit. People have understood that consuming junk food can be the last pin to a person’s coffin. People are more inclined towards having a paleo diet for healthy living… Read More »

Paleo Diet: Chicken with sesame, lemon and oregano

In the ancient time, we humans used to rely totally on agriculture and adapted to that real diet. But now our eating habits have changed a lot. Paleo diet has come into picture because of the modern diseases like obesity, diabetes caused due to the mismatch between our bodies and the diet. The paleo diet… Read More »

Paleo diet recipes: Beef tonnato with broccoli & chive flowers

Beef tonnato with purple sprouting broccoli and chive flowers Paleo diet has become very popular today with its increasing benefits. The paleo diet food list must contain more protein and meat, fewer carbohydrates and high fiber products. One of the most important health tips is to eat real, whole unprocessed foods. Nowadays paleo diet recipes… Read More »

Anytime Paleo recipe: Omelette Delish

After being the nutritionists heart stealer Paleo is all about healthy trending lifestyle now. Focusing on the diet suitable for human genetic constitution Paleo is too a savory appetizer. As if that wasn’t enough, it has now been proved that paleo followers feel more energetic and positive. While the benefits of Paleo are endless it… Read More »

Paleo diet Banana pancakes are here

Paleo diet right now is the most trending and healthful diet to follow! The shot of it is focusing on the food perfected for the genetic constitution of humans along with being a great appetizer. As if that wasn’t enough Paleo diet has proved to be useful by providing more energy and positivity to its… Read More »

Antioxidant Paleo diet Booster Breakfast

Paleo diet is all about health getting creative! Here is a wonder recipe loaded with beneficial antioxidants with berries, plums, almond nuts, mint leaves and cloves!! Yes Cloves!! There is no need to worry as softened cloves taste exquisite!! Refreshing and delightfully palatable, this recipe is a hit! Ingredients: One handful of Raspberries One handful… Read More »