Paleo diet Banana pancakes are here

By | May 22, 2015

Paleo diet right now is the most trending and healthful diet to follow! The shot of it is focusing on the food perfected for the genetic constitution of humans along with being a great appetizer. As if that wasn’t enough Paleo diet has proved to be useful by providing more energy and positivity to its followers!

The benefits of Paleo super food are really exquisite. Paleo lunch and dinners are generally laden with loads of organic vegetables, chicken, beef or ham, spaghettis, nuts, meatballs, etc whereas the breakfast generally light but power packed salads consisting of fruits and nuts to give a kick start to the day!

paleo diet- banana pancake

But salads as breakfast every day?? Think twice! With the Paleo lifestyle followers it is quintessential to keep getting creative at food.Here’s an amazing recipe which will make you drool on the sight of it!! Make way for the Paleo diet Banana Pancakes!


The Requirements:

  • One mashed Banana
  • One free range organic egg
  • One teaspoon cinnamon
  • One teaspoon shredded coconut
  • A dash of vanilla extract

paleo diet banana pancake


How to make it:

  • The whole banana is mashed and added to the egg.
  • The mixture is then lightly beat.
  • The shredded coconut bits, vanilla extract and cinnamon is added for a rich palatable flavor.
  • All of the ingredients are then mixed nicely.
  • The made batter is poured into a frying pan and is cooked as normal pancakes are done.
  • The first side of pancakes is cooked till it is golden brown.
  • It is taken care not to burn the edges by flipping at the proper time, which is when the pancakes are brown.
  • The pancakes are then removed from the pan and served.

The incredibly healthy and scrumptious pancakes are now ready to eat!!

Go ahead give a twist to your Paleo breakfast today!



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