Privacy Policy

In the processes as we serve you with our services and your interaction with us at, we too do collect information about you and your usage of our services. The reason of online privacy is an integral part for any client to understand especially if they are interested to conduct a business with us. We are dedicated to remain transparent while handling personal information. We strongly try to stick to application of privacy and data protection laws with all the clientele based territories we have an opportunity to function. This policy will describe what kind of user information we look forward to collect, their usages and situations for our disclosure.


Here we acquire your information according to services and products that we offer to you. We also use policies for usage of cookies and mobile applications.



Your information we collect will depend on what kind of services you use. We acquire your information by Log data where we get you IP address, Unique ID, OS system and location, cookies and browser. And tracking technologies such as cookies and tags of our websites for our regular visitor. But from our authorized customers we collect name, phone no, addresses, email addresses along with the size and nature of their intended business.



We use your services to improve and customise our services for you. We also use it to manage your account and competitors. Responding to your feedbacks and your requests. Deliver interest-based advertisements. Prevention from fraud and illegal practices. Filtering spam and safety of users of our services.



We use your experiences with our services and products on our websites to enhance research works and marketing. Only the necessary information is shared to third party that is needed by them to complete their services. We disclose your information only to law passed regulatory bodies.



If you are in a business with, then we will be holding your information as long as needed along with company’s policy of retention. But if you are just using our online services then durability depends on your purpose.



Information provided by you, are not shared to any third party employees other than uses as mentioned above. Your information is kept under appropriate technological and organisational protections to prevent it from any misuse or alteration of the information that we hold about you. Though you should be fully aware that is superficially no system that can guarantee full privacy online as there is always a change of getting your information leaked over internet as there can be unlawful transmission of information by an unrelated party. But there is assurance from our part that we do maintain your information with precise care and persistence.

We do provide you with rights to contact us immediately if you feel there is a breach of your information with us.



If you ever want to stop promotional and marketing actions from us then please do inform us about it with an email. But this will allow you to stop service related emails. There are policies to help you opt out from advertisements too. You also have a right to submit us a request to know what information’s we hold about you and ensure you that we revert back with all information you need within practical time or by the time needed lawfully. Your request to delete all your information will also be taken care off but you cannot compel us to keep certain details those are allowed by law for our own justifiable business purposes.



Websites policies may be updated from time to time in reflection by law. We will surely be updating you for the same reason via mail without any delay about the changes.



Our visitors or our authorised customers are free to contact us for any changes or updates of the information that they have given to us if there is vital requirement to do so.

We assure you that all you feedback, complaint and requests are fully confidential with us and our main purpose will be to endeavour you that everything is taken care of with an appropriate conduct.