The most effective 7 days Paleo diet plan

By | August 17, 2015

Diet Plan

People are lot more sensitive nowadays regarding the regular food they consume. A healthy diet will always help in keeping the life healthy and fit. People have understood that consuming junk food can be the last pin to a person’s coffin. People are more inclined towards having a paleo diet for healthy living than going for normal food.

There is a definite myth among people that paleo diet is not only very restrictive, but also very boring. This myth is slowly vanishing in thin air and people are getting inclined more towards having paleo diet for smarter living. What is a paleo diet? It is a diet that was presumed to be eaten by primitive people. This diet mostly included fish, meat, fruits and vegetables. The foods that were not included in their diet were cereals and dairy products. Paleo diet is basically unprocessed food.

In this era, people have got rid of the myth about harmful effects of paleo diet. Now, it is considered one of the healthiest diet that human beings can intake to live fit. It is a true fact that the early humans had the same genetic structure as the modern human beings and they were never troubled with diseases like obesity, hyper-tension, diabetes or other diseases that trouble the modern human generation. This has prompted people to follow their food habits for living a disease-free life. The paleo diet can lead to excess weight loss and healthy living.

A seven day diet plan can be set up for healthy living. It can be displayed in a chart form for people to easily follow and implement this kind of diet plan.


MondayIt should start with chopping two semi-boiled eggs over wilted spinach along with chopped garlic, lemon and olive oil. It should be topped with 1/2 cup tomatoes, ¼ cup of green onions, a small amount of sea salt and some lemon juice. A green apple can be eaten as well.It will consist of 100gm to 150 gm of wild salmon or sardines in olive oil. 1/3 cup of dried tomatoes, 1 carrot that is medium grated, some pumpkin seeds and some radish slices. The food can be made further delicious by adding a little amount of apple cider vinegar.This will include 200gm of beef steak that has to be marinated for an hour in garlic paste, lemon juice, pepper and some sea salt. After being marinated, the beef steak can be grilled with addition of some coconut oil. This can be served along with some mushrooms, cabbage and carrot.
TuesdayThe day will start with pan frying a sweet potato for at least 7 to 8 minutes until it becomes soft and golden brown in colour. This can be served with 100gm smoked salmon, some sliced cucumber and a small amount of lemon juice.2 to 3 medium sized lamb sausages with grilled asparagus, some sesame seeds and some lime juice. With this, some red peppers can be added as well.Salmon fried in butter along with some vegetables can be a part of healthy dinner. Dinner can also consist of turmeric chicken.
WednesdayThis day’s breakfast can be done with meat along with some vegetables like carrots and/or cucumbers.Sandwich made with lettuce leaves, meat and vegetables can make a great lunchDinner can be completed with stir fried ground beef with some vegetables and berries.
ThursdayA healthy breakfast can consist of eggs and some fruits like green apple.Lunch can consist of mixed green salad, some baked sweet potato, carrots, walnuts and about 200gm of chicken or lamb meat.It can consist of baked salmon fillet and that can be topped with some green beans, lemon and steamed broccoli.
FridayThe day will start with frying some eggs and vegetables in coconut oil. This is a great healthy breakfast.The lunch will consist of chicken along with some vegetables to make it a good salad. Along with the chicken salad, some nuts can also be had for lunch.A healthy dinner will be complete with some lamb steaks and some other vegetables including sweet potato.
SaturdayMorning will start with eggs and bacon. It will be complete with the addition of any one available fruit.The lunch can consist of some great seafoods. This can include some grilled prawns, oysters, octopus muscles and some salad to compliment it.Baked salmon with some vegetables and avocado as salad can be great for dinner. A dessert made from chilli chocolate avocado mousse can be an awesome combination.
SundayBreakfast can include some mushrooms that has been grilled, 2 eggs that has been scrambled along with some vegetables.Sandwich made with some lettuce leaves and vegetables, accompanied by some meat can make an awesome and healthy lunch.

Roasted chicken with mustard, lemon, carrots, beetroots, broccoli that has been roasted and some green peas with small amount of butter can make a deadly combination for dinner. This can make a great and healthy dinner.


Some snacks can definitely accompany the paleo diet plan given above. This can include baby carrots, boiled eggs, fruits and nuts. These are all very healthy paleo snacks that people can have without any issues.

There are certain diets that should be avoided to keep healthy.

  • Candy, pastries, soft drinks, ice-creams and table sugar.
  • Any kind of dairy products available, especially the low fat products.
  • The sweeteners produced artificially like aspartame, saccharine, sucralose and many others.
  • Products such as margarine as these are a type of transformed fat.
  • Processed food products available in the market. This can also include processed meat as well.

Whenever a person is thirsty, he or she should avoid going for the soft drinks available in the market. In order to remove the thirst, a person can drink tea. It would be very healthy if a person goes for green tea as it has got a high quantity of anti-oxidants. Coffee can also be an ideal replacement if green tea is not available in the market.