Top five healthy diet plans to stay fit in 2016

By | January 23, 2016

For most of us, a ‘diet’ plan is one of the top most things to be achieved in the New Year’s resolution list. We start with a ‘get-set-go’ attitude to chase our dreams of getting fitter and slimmer as soon as we see the dream, but unfortunately the dream becomes more and more distant as the days and months pass.

Complex diet plans can be one reason why one is left de-motivated after a certain period of time and dieting becomes boring. The zest of all diet patterns should be to stick to a healthy diet plan consistently. Besides, the diet plan should be specific to your aims and must be convenient to follow. Here is an insight into the top five diet plans which will definitely help in achieving your ‘stay fit’ plans. Diet control can help you stay fit with minimal requirement of exercising. Good diet schedule controls sugar and cholesterol levels, also helps you to stay young even in your forty’s.


Paleo diet

This diet plan pushes us towards our ancestral roots when humans survived on natural resources of food. You will be expected to follow a simple diet that includes vegetables, fruits, meat and fish but you have stay away from complex food products like cereals and dairy or any kind of processed food.

A typical Paleo breakfast could be a banana bread or carrot ginger muffins made with almond flour or a vegetable fortified omelette, and you can of course make it more interesting by adding chocolate chunks! Luckily, there are loads of Paleo recipes which will help you sneak away into a healthy and hearty world of natural nutrition.

Paleo Diet

Mayo Clinic Diet

Right from a nutritious make over down to fighting the worse food cravings, the Mayo Clinic Diet offers it all. Rated as one of the top diets for diabetics with a large emphasis on nutrition levels, this diet plan encourages healthy eating for life long duration. In its first ‘Lose it’ phase (or two weeks), the follower is encouraged to shed down 6 to 10 pounds by changing unhealthy lifestyle habits into healthy ones and increasing physical activity levels.

In the second ‘Live it’ phase (continues lifelong), the person is taught how to choose the right kind of foods in the right portions, based on the Healthy Weight Pyramid. Without counting calories, the diet plan focuses more on proper estimated portion sizes and you don’t even need to eliminate most of your favourite foods completely.



This was originally aimed at patients suffering from high blood pressure, but due to its high rate of affectivity, it is now hugely popular as a successful weight loss program. Besides, it has proven its success in preventing or treating diabetes too. DASH originally came out of a lot of research as Dietary Approaches to Hypertension. It has been ranked as one of the healthiest diets that can make you lose weight fast and look younger too.

If you are stuck with the confusions about how to lose weight fast, you can connect yourself with the DASH diet which teaches how to go bigger on fruits and fibrous vegetables intake and low on starchy processed foods. Blood pressure is managed well by including nutritious foods rich in calcium, potassium and magnesium and you don’t even have to minimise the salt intake very much too.

Flexitarian diet

This one is good for those of us who really want to turn more towards vegetarianism but are unable to live without meat completely. This diet plan gradually shifts our focus on a better intake of vegetables and cutting down on the meat portions. As a flexitarian, you might be encouraged to go green 3-5 times a week so that meat can be reduced in our daily diet.

The basic idea is that heavy calorie meat meals are slowly replaced by small portions of fruits and vegetables. This goes a great deal in shedding off those extra pounds. As a meat lover, it is indeed very difficult to become a complete vegetarian. So, there comes to rescue the flexibility of this diet plan which is quite high on weight loss scales too.


Atkins Low-carb diet

Effective weight loss can be a distant dream if diet is not taken care of. Under the guidance of an expert, it is advisable to follow a low carb diet which essentially is the best shaping diet plan. Atkins low carb diet concentrates on foods that are low on carbohydrates and not very high on proteins too. Plant grown foods like fresh fruits, green veggies and nuts, legumes are all part of an Atkins low carb diet plan.

It is crucial to choose the right kind of food whenever we suffer from those frequent hunger cramps. Instead of reaching out for high carbohydrate food snacks, it is better to chomp off high protein foods which are more filling too and stay low on the calorie count too.

Atkins Low-carb diet

For particular conditions, an expert dietician should be consulted. For example, certain patients require a typical high protein diet in order to build up muscle mass or to make their body tissues grow healthier.

All weight loss programs consistently emphasize on the importance of physical fitness and lifestyle modification along with strict dietary restrictions or modifications. Calories have to be consumed lesser and burnt more. This can only be experienced when diet and physical activities go hand in hand. It is easier said than done, but achieving that ‘inch’ loss or losing out on those extra pounds is a must in the new year if you are committed to a healthier start.

So, stop dreaming and start acting. If you are already up on your toes, check whether you are following the right guidelines. Channelize your efforts in the correct direction by picking up the perfect diet plan that best suits your requirements. Happy and Healthy Living!