How to use steroids safely

By | December 30, 2016

Steroids have a very bad name and most people are scared at the very mention of steroids. The reason is that people are aware of the various side effects which are caused by steroids. However, most people bucket all kinds of steroids together. They are unaware that there are anabolic steroids and there are other legal ones as well.

Use steroids safely

Legal steroids offer the following benefits :

  1. There is an increase in size, endurance and strength
  2. It decreases the recovery times post workouts
  3. It increases the energy during workouts and so the person is able to perform more sets and reps
  4. It oxidizes the fat tissues and so the person loses fat and weight

Illegal steroids on the other hand increase the strength and endurance as well as it affects the synthesis of protein in the body. It helps the body to retain nitrogen and thus protein build up is faster and so muscles are built up even faster and you can gain endurance and energy for your workouts.These increase the count of red blood cells and so there is more oxygenation and the cardiovascular endurance is improved as well.

These anabolic steroids however are considered as controlled substances and so are illegal in most countries.  The reasons are that it could result in kidney damage and even kidney failure. It acts on the opioid, dopamine, serotonin and other systems and has significant effects on the behavior and mood of the person.

It could lead to paranoia, extreme irritability, delusions as well as in impaired judgment.Other effects could include liver damage, high blood pressure, an enlarged heart, changes in the cholesterol level and increase risk of heart attacks and strokes. In men it results in decreased sperm count, baldness, shrinking testicles, breast development and increased prostrate cancer risk.  Women as a result of these could suffer from facial hair growth, something like male baldness, deepened voice and enlarged clitoris.

Therefore, legal steroids are a safer, natural and better choice. These mimic the effects of the anabolic steroids but they do not have any side effects. However, they do take longer to show effect. The person needs to consume them for atleast a month before being able to see the effects. This however, has a number of advantages including the safety aspect which namely is that they do not need to be injected but can be consumed orally and conveniently. They are also FDA approved and they do not need prescriptions in order to be taken. These are the most convenient, legal as well as have all the safety aspects covered.

The legal steroids like crazy bulk steroids increase and retain the lean muscle, decreases fat and increases the energy and strength of the person by synthesizing of phosphocreatine in the tissues. These crazy bulk steroids add to more endurance and promotes faster recovery. These are preferred by people who want a beach ready physique. These offer all the goodness of anabolic steroids without any of the ill effects or the dangers with regards their consumption.