What should a munchies menu have?

By | May 17, 2016

Munchies are inevitable. You may not really be able to keep away from running into them; however you can easily avoid the mistake of remaining ill prepared. With a little imagination, boldness and ingenuity, you can whip up amazing eats using combinations which you may not have thought would work at first, but prove to be rightly delicious in your first taste. And more often than not, these unconventional munchies can be prepared from lack of resources, so they will be particularly aspiring for newbie cooks. Because it’s well understood that once you start with munching, it can be really difficult to stop until the box of snacks is all gone. So you need to be prepared with the munchies menu to help you make something new everyday.

What should a munchies menu have

Stoner Salad:

A stoner salad generally consists of various kinds of leafy greens that you have lying in your refrigerator and whatever random ingredients that can be found in your kitchen. If you don’t have your usual salad suspects handy, don’t worry since pretty much everything goes with a stoner salad. You can go for candied nuts and croutons or simply toss in a few spoonfuls of honey and nut cheerios. If you can’t find some dried or fresh fruit, just rip open and pour in one pack of fruit snacks. Don’t forget to add in fresh carrots, tomato, onion, cucumbers and a healthy pinch of pepper and salt. The best part of this salad is its dressing. If there’s nothing ready made at hand, make your own mayo or oil based concoction and finish things up.


Pizza soup:

For stoners who are trying to cut out some unnecessary carbs and are still looking for quite bites that require minimum though and work, pizza soup is a definite option on your munchies menu. All you need is to pour your favorite canned/ jarred tomato sauce in a bowl and add on ample amount of Italian blend cheese or mozzarella. Top it with seasonings you love like pepper, crushed red pepper, oregano and garlic powder. Then microwave the entire contents roughly for about 60 to 90 seconds. Also you could tuck in some pepperoni, diced bell pepper and chopped onions between the cheese and sauce before heating to bring out the supreme pizza soup.

Pizza soup

Pear or apple slices with honey, cold cuts and cheese:

Most people already know this, but for those that don’t; unbelievable taste synergies are experience when certain fruits are paired together with cheeses. Just like pears with any blue cheese and apple with cheddars. Slice up your favorite fruits in nickel thin cracker shapes and spread/top them with cheese. If there’s ham, salami or bologna chilling in your refrigerator, bring them into the equation as well. Finish off with some honey and pop the blissful bites in your mouth.

apple and pear

Mushroom, celery and parmesan salad:

If you have always enjoyed cooked mushrooms and celery was never the center stage in any of your recipes, then you should definitely include this stoner friendly salad in your munchies menu. A dressing of lemon juice and olive oil along with the saltiness of cheese on raw mushrooms brings on a heavenly munching experience. The watery and crisp mouth feel of celery plays amazingly well with the mushy mushrooms. Use some fresh parsleys and high quality parmesans for waking up your palate. Also if you have pre grated parm and dried herbs in your fridge, you can prepare an equally incredible dish.


Waffle burgers:

Sub out the bland, boring buns for those sweet blueberry waffles, and burgers will never taste the same. For making burgers, simply get ground beef in a bowl and season with pepper, salt and all your favorite spices and herbs and then shape them into patties. Cook them on both sides and grill them at medium heat temperature. Toast two waffles and sandwich the patty between them. Your waffle burger is ready to be served.


Chocolate Dip:

This is something that can be served with anything and everything. Melt any chocolate bar of your choice in a microwave, until it reaches your desired consistency. Also add in a bit of vegetable oil for preventing the contents from drying out.

Choclate dip


All you require for preparing this is a good supply of tortillas and nachos to assemble and prepare your own version of this classic dish. For making the chips, cut up the tortillas into smaller free formed pieces and bake them oven until crisp.


Frozen banana ice cream:

You do not require any kinds of fancy equipment for making delicious and smooth ice cream. Just freeze some bananas and blend them properly to make your own incredible version of banana ice cream.

banana ice cream

Baked Potato Chips:

There’s always a pack of bagged chips you will find handy at your place, but if you wish to skip all the grease, try making your own homemade potato chips instead. They are much healthier since you get to control the oil while baking. Also you can choose your own seasonings from onion and garlic, vinegar and salt or just plain salt.

Baked potato chips

White Castle Burgers:

If you haven’t treat beyond the conventional adornment of ketchup and pickles on the burger buns, you are missing out on some really intense flavor delights. The frozen ones at stores come with just bun, meat and cheese, so go ahead and dress yours however you like when the microwave is just idling at your place. Slather your burger with a drizzle of honey, spoonful of kimchi and Zatarains Creole mustard or fresh canned pineapple and a splash of steak sauce. Burger eating experience will never be same again.



The snack of the gods goes well with right about anything. Nutella induces a high on its own so why to muddle up such a good thing with an extra something. When you are high, enjoy your chill and scoop it right from the small jar and shovel it in your mouth. Yes, it’s the only dish in your munchies menu that will satisfy you and yet not kill your vibe.


Cheese Balls:

These tiny balls come in a huge plastic jar for the sole reason that you should empty it in one sitting. There is nothing better to satisfy your massive appetite than this jar of exquisite balls after you are stoned or even if it’s to satisfy your late night hunger cravings. You can even make this simple and amazing food at home and keep munching till you can have no more.

cheese balls

Pizza Rolls:

Since baking an entire pizza, when you are trying to find something to gulp down, is off the table, pizza rolls will be your favorite little friends to rescue you. They come in various flavors like meatball marinara and cheesy garlic and you just need to microwave the pack before devouring them all at once. They are pretty awesome and the next big thing in the world of munchies.

Pizza roll

Bacon with something sweet:

There’s definitely no bad way to relish on bacon. Get raw bacon and microwave it or pan fry in their own flavorful fat and you will be in for a delicious treat when those crispy cooked strips get in your mouth. But for change, try your bacon with something sweet and you will never regret this. Cook up a few strips of bacon and coat or spread them all different sweet toppings. Don’t just limit your imaginations since all kinds of jam, jellies, syrup, honey, preserves and dessert sauces will work wonders. Some of the favorite bacon buddies include yellow passion fruit syrup, blueberry jam and milk chocolate sauce. Just don’t forget to drizzle in a pinch of Chinese five spice powder.


Omelet with toasted almonds, orange marmalade and powdered sugar:

Usually eggs are not something that you would want to start with sweetening applications, but try out this simple omelet recipe and you find it shockingly satisfying. Light beat and season eggs with a bit of salt and cook in a pan until you have a perfect omelet. Apply marmalade on half the omelet and top with silvered almonds before plating. Finish off with a generous sprinkling of dusting sugar.


Beer dogs:

You will often find both hot dogs and beer cans in your refrigerator, so get ready for an unexpectedly amazing meal. Start slicing up an onion and cut up a couple of hot dogs in bite sized chunks. Heat a tablespoon of oil or a slice of butter over medium flame and fry the hot dog pieces on all sides. Add the onions and keep on cooking for few minutes before poring the entire beer can and letting it reduce by around 75 percent. You will now be let with stoned version of beer brats, that it sure to change the way you have your munchies.


Strawberry Popsicles:

Sometimes you may crave for a cold, refreshing and sweet snack. And yes, it can also be healthy just as the Matcha Mochi Strawberry popsicles. These are lightly sweet, creamy and come filed with healthy matcha so that you feel really good about eating them. Popsicles are fun and once the weather warms up; having various kinds of them in rotation is a must.